Bottle Bureau in Chelmsford



5 cheeses of your choice, jar of chutney, artisan crackers - 12.5

Doorstone Ashed Goats

Cheese, zesty tang, unpasteurised kid rennet

Drink pairing: Sxollie Granny Smith

Cornish Smuggler

Farmhouse cheese, red marbling (v)

Drink pairing: Ramos Pinto 10 yr Tawney

Tomme de Savoie

Semi-firm, cows' milk, earthy flavour, unpasteurised

Drink pairing: Tempranillo Rioja

Cashel Blue

Award-winning, handmade, Irish, young, creamy blue

Drink pairing: Route de Van Art Chardonnay

Little Black Bomber

Rich, creamy, full flavoured, Welsh cheddar (v)

Drink pairing: Bottle Bureau Light Ale

Golden Cenarth

Welsh Valley, organic, semi-soft wash rind, unpasteurised

Drink pairing: Schier Riesling

Keens Cheddar

Somerset cheddar, crumbly textrure, unpasteurised

Drink pairing: Ramos White Port

Blue Monday

Likened to a Gongozola, British (v)

Drink pairing: Vina Chela Malbec

Brie de Meaux

Rich, buttery, soft, bloomy rind, unpasteurised

Drink pairing: Joseph Perrier Champagne

Camembert au Cavados

Creamsy, soft, Calvados flavour, unpasteurised

Drink pairing: Sxollie Golden Delicious



Wasabi peas - 2.5

Chilli peanuts - 2.5

Smoked almonds - 3.5

Thai nuts - 2.5

Trapani olives - 4

Roasted nuts - 2.5


If you have any food intolerances/allergies, please ask a member of staff to advise regarding the ingredients contained in each dish. A full list containing the 14 allergy groups is available on request.